About Employer Health Services

Board-certified doctors at Employer Health Services in Minneapolis, MN, created an expanded questionnaire to gather more information on certain health issues, which can better assess employee respirator health.

Employers should experience faster reports and fewer employee medical examinations as a result. To learn more please contact us.

Dr. Michael Goertz

Dr. Michael Goertz is board certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He has been a leader in occupational medicine both nationally and in the Twin Cities for over 20 years.

Dr. Goertz is a consultant to corporations, governmental agencies and professional organizations. He has helped train residents in occupational medicine as a clinical instructor for the Health Partners Occupational Medicine Program and continues to help expand the knowledge base in this field through clinical research.

Sandy Olevitch

Sandy Olevitch is the lead administrator for www.respiratorsurvey.com. He has been active in the field of Occupational Medicine for 20 years. He has served in various capacities including department director of a large multi-site Occupational Medicine department and on-site ergonomic consultant to industry.

Along with Dr. Goertz, Sandy was instrumental in the development of the on-line respirator questionnaire. Sandy's goal is to provide outstanding personalized service to clients of www.respiratorsurvey.com.