Respirator Survey FAQs

1. Can my employer see my completed questionnaire?
a. No. All information you provide in the questionnaire is confidential. Employer Health Services physicians and staff are the only personnel who only view your answers if necessary.

2. What will my employer be able to see?
a. Your employer can only see the final determination of your questionnaire status. It will tell your employer if you passed the questionnaire or require a medical exam.

3. Who reviews my questionnaire?
a. If your questionnaire, requires in-depth review, an Employer Health Services physician, who is board certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, will review your questionnaire.

4. What happens if I am not approved for respirator use by the questionnaire?
a. An electronic message is sent to your manager that indicates that an exam is recommended for you. The manager is not given any medical information or the reason why an exam is necessary. If an exam is necessary, it will be arranged and paid by your employer.

5. What happens if I pass the questionnaire immediately?
a. You will be given the option to print a respirator clearance certificate that you can use for respirator fit testing. Your employer will have a written respirator management program and you should follow their instructions once you have completed the questionnaire.

6. Will this questionnaire work for all types of respirators?
a. Yes. The questionnaire will approve the user for respirator fit testing for any type of mask including dust mask, N-95 mask, half face-piece, full face-piece, supplied air, powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), and/or self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

7. Will the questionnaire work for any industry?
a. Yes. Any employer that falls under OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134 regardless of industry can use this questionnaire.

8. Can I print my questionnaire?
a. No. You can only print a certificate if you pass the questionnaire.

9. What if my health, working conditions or type of respirator change this year?
a. You should notify your manager who will help determine if you should take the questionnaire again.

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